Born in Lyon, France, master craftsman of haute couture leather, Christophe is a lover of beauty, of the refined, of the enjoyment of French luxury. Fashioner of magnificent tailor-made leather garments, with a savoir faire acquired through decades.

Excellent garments made in fine, soft, lightweight, comfortable, and durable leather and suede. His collections are distinguished by exclusive designs from unique craft materials of great beauty.

Designer Christophe Dov only works with the finest materials. Quality control is very rigorous, from the selection of raw materials, to the creation of the patterns for the client, the cut, the tailoring as well as the finishing touches and final quality control.

It is a unique experience to wear clothing designed and tailor-made by Christophe; it is worth the investment in order to own garments which, besides being to clients’ taste, mold to their bodies like a second skin. Christophe has managed to create a style that is internationally recognized. His exclusive clients are women and men who are also lovers of beauty and luxury.