Terms of use

This agreement describes the terms and conditions (hereinafter “TERMS AND CONDITIONS”) applicable to the use of the contents, products and services offered through the site www.christophedov.com (hereinafter, “WEBSITE”), which is the owner (hereinafter “OWNER”) located in Mexico City in the following address República de Uruguay No. 94 Int. 103 Col. Centro, Del. Cuauhtémoc, 06060 Ciudad de México, México.

The WEBSITE is aimed at all people, regardless of their age.

The WEBSITE is aimed primarily at users resident in the Mexican Republic, which does not ensure that the WEBSITE meets in whole or in part with the legislation of other countries, so that, if the USER lives or has its residence in another country and decides to access or use the WEBSITE it will be at his/her own responsibility and must ensure that such access and navigation complies with local legislation that applies to him/her, the WEBSITE not assuming any liability that may arise from that act.

It is to the USER’s knowledge that the OWNER may administer or manage the WEBSITE directly or through a third party, not modifying in any way any of these TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

The access to the WEBSITE, or the use of it as well as the use of the resources enabled to interact among USERS, or between the USER and the OWNER, such as means to make publications or comments, makes you a USER of the WEBSITE, so you will be subject to these terms and conditions, as well as to their subsequent modifications, without prejudice to the implementation of the applicable legislation, therefore, they will be considered as accepted the moment you access the WEBSITE. Given the relevance of the foregoing, the USER is encouraged to review the updates made to the present TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

It is the responsibility of the USER to use the WEBSITE in accordance with the manner in which it was designed; in this sense, any use of any type of software to automate the interaction or downloading the contents or services provided through the WEBSITE is prohibited. In addition, the USER agrees to use the information, content or services offered through the WEBSITE on a lawful manner, without contravening the provisions of these TERMS AND CONDITIONS, the morality or public order, and shall refrain from any act that may involve a violation of the rights of third parties, or prejudice in any way against the operation of the WEBSITE.

The WEBSITE reserves the right to withdraw all those comments and contributions that may violate the law, the respect for the dignity of the human person, that are discriminatory, violate the rights of third parties or public order, or that are not suitable for its publication. It will not be responsible for the views expressed by the USERS through comments or publications made by the latter.

The only access to the WEBSITE does not imply the establishment of any kind of relationship between the OWNER and the USER.


The OWNER in no way guarantees the continuity and availability of the contents, products or services offered through the WEBSITE, however, the OWNER will carry out the actions that according to their possibilities will enable it to maintain the proper functioning of the WEBSITE, without any responsibility on the part of Christophe Dov.

The OWNER shall not be responsible or guarantees that the content or software that may be accessed through the WEBSITE, is free of errors, malicious software, or that may cause some damage at the level of software or hardware in your computer through which the USER accesses the WEBSITE.

The OWNER is also not responsible for damage that may be caused by improper use of the WEBSITE. In no event shall be liable for loss or damage of any kind which may arise as a result of only access or use of the WEBSITE.